Top 10 Winter Driving Tips

Top 10 Winter Driving Tips

Cold conditions over the Christmas period can be tough on our beloved motors and any underlying mechanical problems may come to the forefront at the most inconvenient times.

Use our top tips to ensure you make it to Christmas dinner on time this year!

1. Don’t forget your “FORCES”.
Remembering this acronym and ensuring each one is either topped up or in good condition will go a long way during the winter months! Maintaining these will help your engine-efficiency, visibility, control, longevity and overall health of your motor! So always be mindful of your:

2. Brakes
Obviously one of the most important safety features in any vehicle to always keep on eye on the wear and tear, particularly during potentially slippery conditions. If your vehicle is pulling to one side, making unusual grumblings or if the brakes feel a bit spongey then it could indicate a problem you need looking at by a mechanic.

3. Flaring Engine Revs
If your clutch is slipping then you may find that your engine revs flare under hard acceleration and if it is, then it is unfortunately not a cheap fix as the clutch will need replacing. Do not neglect this as you may only do further damage to your engine so get it into the garage ASAP

4. Knock, knock. Who’s there?
Probably worn wheel bearing if you hear a knocking sound, especially when navigating corners. This could ultimately cause expensive damage to the suspension and hub assembly so again, get a mechanic on it pronto.

5. Condensation
If the seals in your car aren’t at their best then water can end up in the electrics which can cause all sorts of problems within the vehicle. If you’re starting to see a build-up in condensation then it may be time to get that checked out

6. Shy engine
Does your engine seem a bit shy when you’re trying to accelerate? Almost holding back or a bit reluctant to actually speed you up? Could indicate a fuel system problem or mean that you need to top up your tank! Don’t constantly drive with low fuel levels as it can end up causing blockages.

7. First, it’s shy, then it stutters
If your spark plugs or leads have deteriorated then you may find your engine stuttering which can ultimately cause damage to it so get it checked out.

8. Left outside alone?
When the temperatures are plummeting you do not want to be stuck outside. Change the battery in your car fob regularly if yours is one that does not charge whilst in the ignition. If you still cant get into your car, it is likely the receiver has an issue and you should keep your trusty key handy just in case.

9. Bigger knock!
A big knock from the engine can be heard it’s probably not good news. Check the oil straight away. If the oil level is fine then you may be looking at a very expensive repair.

10. Engine not turning over
The freezing weather can take a heavy toll on our motors and engine troubles can often indicate a flat battery or stuck starter motor. Try charging your battery or get a jump-start from another car but if the problem persists it may be time to change the battery.

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