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Motoring Defence Solicitors: A Year in Review

In July 2018, Qore Legal established a new motor law department and recruited road traffic specialist, Neil Sargeant to run what is now Motoring Defence Solicitors. 

Neil has over 11 years experience in this field and, over the years, has accrued an enviable success rate. Calling on this experience, he established MDS along with a new website which  launched last year. By virtue of his calm and reassuring manner, Neil shared his expertise through free advice to motorists across the country and soon established a thriving practice. 

A year on, we wanted to share our success story and mark the occasion with the launch of a new and improved website. 

Between July 2018 to July 2019, Neil’s cases that proceeded to trial were as follows: 

Drink Driving – 20 cases

Of those 20:

  • 14 involved a breath sample
  • 6 involved a blood or urine sample

Drug Driving – 9 cases

When motorists have been charged with driving whilst over the prescribed level of a “controlled” substance. Not to be mistaken with driving whilst unfit, below.

Failing to Provide a Specimen for Analysis – 12 cases

When under investigation for certain offences, police officers require you to provide what is called an “evidentiary sample”. This may be of either breath, blood or urine depending on the suspected offence. Failing or refusing to provide that sample is an offence

Driving Whilst Unfit – 2 cases

Before drug driving came into force, this is the charge that was brought against those driving whilst under the influence of drugs. A motorist can be “unfit” through drink or drugs and is often brought if the motorist is not over the prescribed legal limit, but is still unfit to drive a vehicle.

Dangerous Driving – 2 cases

One of the more serious motoring allegations and one that carries the most severe penalties. We would always recommend representation if charged with an offence of this level.

Failing to Furnish Information – 2 cases 

If you receive a notice of intended prosecution and do not respond to it, or do not respond satisfactorily then you may be charged with this offence

Driving Without Insurance – 2 cases

What is known as a strict liability offence in that you have either committed the offence or you have not. Despite this categorisation, we still won both of our cases this year.

Careless Driving – 3 cases

When a motorists standard of driving falls below what is expected of a careful and competent driver so that it is considered careless. The court has a broad range of options for sentencing for this offence but fortunately all three of our clients were found not guilty so didn’t have to worry

Failing to Stop/Report – 2 cases

If you are ever unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident then there are certain legal obligations you must satisfy. Failing to do so may result in this charge being brought against you.

Each of these cases proceeded to trial and we were successful in defending all but one. Our single loss came in a drink driving case in which we argued various technical points. The case should have succeeded and both MDS and the trial barrister advised our client to appeal the conviction in the Crown Court. Unfortunately our client had lost faith in the court system after having been found guilty and decided to put the proceedings behind him. 

A successful year for Motoring Defence Solicitors

This equates to a 98% success rate over the last 12 months and this is a statistic we hope to maintain moving forward. 

Each case shares similarities but also important differences. They all include our client who is almost always anxious and intimidated by the court proceedings. Our clients are all dependent upon their driving licence  in some way or another meaning that the consequences of a disqualification could often be severe. 

With each case brings new challenges whether it be a particularly serious allegation, a poorly run court or a prosecution-biased Judge  but our approach remains the same. We listen to our clients, identify what is important to them and provide reassurance, guidance and advice. Above all else however we provide an expert, bespoke and methodical service when it comes to the preparation of our cases. MDS are often praised by clients for the service we provide and Neil is recognises that behind each case is a person that genuinely needs help. He ensures that he provides regular updates to all clients in a clear and concise way so that all of them can make informed decisions about their case and have confidence in the defence being raised. This is often a quality that clients single out in their feedback about us and it is an approach we strive to replicate in every case. 

Need Specialist Motoring Offence Lawyers London?

Whatever offence you are charged with, you can rest assured that Motoring Defence Solicitors has the knowledge and expertise to help you. Take advantage of our free advice service and find out how we can help you. 

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    William Spiropoulos

    I have worked with Neil in 2 separate occasions, I am pleased I am not the only one who feels he is a excellent motor law solicitor, he calm and reassuring demeanour, puts you at ease and his knowledge definitely assured me that I was in good hands. I would highly recommend him and his firm and wish them all the best.

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