Drink & Drug Driving Solicitors in London

Motoring Defence Solicitors are a specialist branch focusing in defending road traffic allegations. Motor law is a niche area that comes under the umbrella of criminal law so any convictions for road traffic offences are considered to be criminal convictions and we can help you avoid that.

Whilst we specialise in all areas of road traffic law (see our full range of services here) we have particular and extensive experience in drug and alcohol related offences such as drink driving, drug driving, failing to provide a specimen for analysis and driving whilst unfit through drink or drugs.

With over 10 years experience working solely within road traffic defence work, and with a proven track record of being able to defend our clients against these allegations successfully, if you need a drink or drug driving solicitor you can be sure that you will receive expert advice from Motoring Defence Solicitors.

The vast majority of our specialist’s cases have been drug & alcohol related offences and our success rate is extremely impressive even amongst our competitors.

In drink driving cases we have an overall success rate of 93% however in cases where our client had provided a sample of blood or urine, our success rate is 100%. This means that if you have given a blood or urine sample that has tested positive for alcohol, there is a huge chance we can help you avoid a conviction.

Some motorists charged with drink driving provide their sample whilst in hospital and this is a slightly different type of case however we also have a 100% success rate in this type of case as well with cases of drug driving.

Motoring Defence Solicitors are proud to be located in Finsbury Square in Central London and this prime location allows us to provide a personable and professional service to our clients that we believe is unmatched by our competitors. We have maintained strong working relationships with the UK’s leading barristers and expert witnesses  involved with this work that are based in Central London. Regardless of where you live, you will benefit from instructing a firm located in the legal hub of the UK

Instructing a representative can be a difficult task, particularly if you have never been charged with an offence before. Given the huge choice within the market it can be a daunting prospect to commit to a lawyer to help with your case and we want to be able to listen and reassure you as much as possible whilst providing you with expert legal advice.

If you choose to instruct us to help you with your case, you will have guaranteed access to your lawyer via telephone, email, mobile telephone and also benefit from face to face meetings to discuss your case. We can ensure you are fully informed at every stage of your case and can guide you through the process in a more personal manner. You will not be forced to liaise with your lawyer behind a telephone or computer screen you will have the option to attend our office in London for updates about your case when required. We genuinely believe we are the best drink and drug driving solicitors in the country however it is important that you instruct the right representative for you and you may wish to consider our tips on instructing the right lawyer by clicking here

Expert Motoring Offence Lawyer London

Whilst we encourage you to “shop around” to find the best representative for you, we are confident that our specialists can provide you with a reassuring, non-judgemental and expert service. Our Head of Motor Law, Neil Sargeant has worked at specialist firms his entire career and set-up/managed another successful road traffic department primarily based in Manchester that then expanded to London . We encourage you to contact him for an informal chat to see if we could be the right fit for you.