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Welcome to Motoring Defence Solicitors; dedicated exclusively to providing bespoke and specialist representation to motorists charged with road traffic offences. Based at our head office in Central London, we represent motorists all over England & Wales and provide expert advice/ guidance on a range of road traffic matters.

Motor law is a niche area of criminal law and there is a rarity of firms with genuine expertise in this area. If you are charged with an offence we recommend that you do not delay in seeking legal advice. It is crucial you are aware of the legalities of your position as soon as possible and early advice/representation can often make a significant difference to the result. 

Motoring Defence Solicitors has been defending motorists since 2008 and has accrued an outstanding success rate with clients being found not guilty.  Many firms that “specialise” in road traffic law only represent motorists in pleading guilty to minimise the penalty and are not aware of defences that may be available. We have a proven track-record of winning cases and offer free initial advice.

Instructing representation is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. You need to ensure that the representative you are paying to represent you is able to do so effectively. You must also be able to trust your representative and have confidence that they are acting in your best interests. We offer initial free advice so you can:

  1. Get a sense of who we are and who will be preparing your case;
  2. Find out about the options available to you; and
  3. Begin to build a rapport with your lawyer.

We want to ensure you are comfortable and fully informed before you make any commitment about your case.   

Defending road traffic allegations is often mistakenly viewed as being only available to the wealthy with high-profile cases being reported on each year in the news.  We offer expert and specialist representation without a celebrity price tag as we understand that most motorists who are dependent upon their licence do not benefit from unlimited funds and justice should be accessible to all.

Motoring Offences:

The advice and representation we can offer relates to (but is not limited to) the following:

Drink Driving

One of the more serious offences that can result in immediate disqualification and in some cases, a prison sentence. There are different types of drink driving case depending on the type of sample you gave to the police (breath, blood or urine). Overall, regardless of the type of sample, we have a 93% success rate of defending motorists charged with this offence meaning that the clear majority of our clients are found not guilty even when they thought they had no options available to them. In some types of case, we have maintained a 100% success rate for over 10 years!

Drug Driving

In 2015, the process for prosecuting motorists driving whilst under the influence of drugs was streamlined to be similar to that implemented in drink driving cases. This involved setting legal limits of specified legal and illegal drugs.  Since 2008, our specialist has never lost a case of drug driving or driving whilst unfit through drugs.

Driving Whilst Unfit Through Drink or Drugs

This offence is slightly less common now compared to a few years ago as the introduction of the “drug driving” offence changes the legal landscape and made it easier for charges to be brought against motorists. This offence can still be brought however in cases where a motorist may not necessarily be over the legal limit but have consumed/been exposed to enough alcohol or drugs to make them “unfit” or “impaired”.

Failing to Provide a Specimen

A slightly lesser-known offence but one that is treated with almost equal seriousness to offences of drink & drug driving. If suspected of one of these offences you will be arrested and required to provide a sample of either breath, blood or urine which would then be used as evidence against you. Failing or refusing to do so is a criminal offence would result in you being charged with failing to provide a specimen and you could face almost identical penalties for this offence as if you had been charged with drink or drug driving.

Drunk or unfit whilst in charge of motor vehicle

Unsuspecting motorists with even the best intentions can often find themselves charged with a criminal offence of being “in charge” of a motor vehicle whilst either 1.) Over the legal limit of alcohol or drugs, or 2) “Unfit” through drunk or drugs. The most common example of this charge being brought is when a motorist decides to “sleep it off” in their vehicle after a night of drinking. These circumstances can justify the charge being brought by the police but does not mean that you are guilty.

Dangerous Driving, Careless Driving and cases involving a Fatality

These are the most serious offences a motorist can face, and it is every motorist’s worst nightmare for a death to arise from their driving.  Depending on the circumstances, a motorist can be charged with dangerous or careless driving, death by dangerous or careless driving or death by driving whilst unlicensed, uninsured or whilst using a mobile telephone. The potential penalty for some offences under the bracket can be life imprisonment so it is of the utmost importance you speak to a specialist lawyer as a matter of urgency. Not only can the advice you receive drastically affect the result of the case, we have no doubt that you will feel better and reassured once you know more about the position you are in.

Speeding, Mobile Phone Offences, Driving with No Insurance and “totting” cases

These offences are all common offences that result in penalty points which can then often lead to a 6-month disqualification depending upon the number of points on your licence. We are often asked if there are ways you can avoid a driving ban and the answer is quite often “yes”.  If you have been charged with an offence attracting penalty points, we can first consider whether you have defence to the allegation. In the absence of a defence, we would focus on limiting the damage and avoiding a disqualification to try and ensure you get the best result possible.

Failing to Furnish Information / Failure to Identify a Driver

When a speeding motorist is snapped by a camera, a Notice of Intended Prosecution is sent to the registered keeper of the vehicle. The registered keeper has a legal responsibility to provide information that will help the offender be prosecuted and so are expected to identify the driver at the time the alleged offence was committed. Failing to provide this information (which may be for a number of reasons) will result in this charge being brought. Whilst speeding cases are the most common example of when this charge can occur it can happen when the police are investigating various offences where the identity of the driver is unknown. A conviction for this offence carries a minimum of 6 penalty points and a fine of up to £1000.00

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