Why Deal with a top Motoring offence Lawyer?

At Motoring Defence Solicitors we are dedicated exclusively to providing specialist representation to motorists charged with road traffic offences.

Based at our central London head office, we represent motorists all over England & Wales and provide expert advice and guidance on a range of road traffic legal matters.

Motor law is a niche area of criminal law and there is a rarity of firms with genuine expertise in this area. If you are charged with an offence we recommend that you do not delay in seeking legal advice. It is crucial you are aware of the legalities of your position as soon as possible and early advice/representation can often make a significant difference to the result. 

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Google Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it. Below are some of our verified reviews on Google.

Dear NeilThank you very much for all your help in all three matters, I am very grateful for your help and resolving my three matters in such a perfect and professional way. I recommend this solicitors to anyone’s who have a problem with law but weren’t guilty.I wish you every thing best !
23:14 16 Apr 24
Would recommend anyone getting in touch with Neil if you are in a motoring predicament. Faultless service by Neil and his team. Had two cases prolonged over 1.5 years and couldn’t be happier with the result thanks to Neil, John and Richard.
16:45 27 Mar 24
10/10 Service!! I had a drug driving case (cannabis) and was looking at a minimum of a 3 year ban. Neil and Richard were brilliant and picked up on crucial things the CPS was missing VERY QUICKLY. My case was dropped and I did not have to attend court for my trial which was perfect. Thank you!!! Highly recommend.
10:58 26 Feb 24
I sought Neil Sargeant’s help with an appeal against a drink driving conviction after reading excellent reviews and success statistics online – how accurate they turned out to be! Neil’s knowledge of motoring law and police procedures is encyclopaedic. From the outset it was clear that the matter was in expert hands. Communications were excellent; Neil and his colleagues dealt with all calls and emails promptly and efficiently and explanations were always in clear plain English. The fixed inclusive fee, which was modest considering the levels of expertise and service provided, also gave great peace of mind. Another big positive is that Neil only uses barristers who, like him, are specialists in handling motoring cases with a highly successful track record and with whom he has worked for many years. In my case this was Mr John Dye and suffice to say, thanks to these two brilliant professionals, the appeal was successful.
12:31 29 Jan 24
Spoke to Daisy for general advice and she couldn’t be more helpful! Fortunately I don’t need her services just yet but it was extremely helpful to some honest advice.
14:30 27 Jul 23
I would like to thank Gillian Forrest she was very helpful and explained my options to me very clearly and concisely I would highly recommend her at motoring defence solicitors.
22:18 17 Jul 23
Neil was amazing at representing me!
12:26 17 Jul 23
I reached out to Motoring Defence Solicitors as I was likely to recieve points for a speeding offence. I was unsure on my chances and Daisy Stewart guide me and gave me useful advice. At the end, I didn’t go through in needing a solicitor but I greatly appreciated her time in things I should say and points to mention when addressing the judge. I think the advice and information could possibly been something that people would pay for, but I appreciated that wasn’t asked.
17:08 20 Jun 23
Very friendly, honest and helpful service from Gillian.
11:45 24 May 23
Fantastic free legal advice that saved me proceeding with a different law firm
21:23 23 Apr 23
I would highly recommend this motoring defence solicitors Daisy was brilliant and provided a first class service with regards to advice research and paper work. I would also like to state that Mr Charlie Langley representation within court was fantastic clearly understood the case gave great advice and was also very supportive towards the client.
12:22 20 Apr 23
Drug driving Case thrown out thanks to the work of Neil and Richard! Neil was so informative right the way through my case and not once did he butter anything up. Needed my license for work etc and I can safely say these guys know what they are doing in this game. Highly highly recommend thank you MDS!
08:45 07 Apr 23
To say that Motoring Defence Solicitors are the epitome of a true and proper advocate to deal with your case is an understatement.Right from the start, trying to find a Solicitor specialised in the field, willing to actually listen to the circumstances you may find yourself in, is a tricky process, until you speak to Neil and the team.Right from the start, you are treated properly and professionally, your side of the story is heard out and understood, rather than be told by other solicitors(my experience) that you are better off just putting a guilty plea in to save the hassle.My case of a DR30 was one that started in 2020(days prior to the pandemic) and finished in 2023, and throughout a 3 year emotional rollercoaster, Neil was by my side, guiding the process like the true expert and professional that he is.He will meticulously look through all the details, and be honest with you whether you have a case, alongside provide examples of all potential outcomes while keeping a positive yet realistic insight into the circumstance you may face. After which he will pursue making the correct correspondence and filings with the court. He never left me alone or in the dark in all stages of the process and ensured that I was kept calm throughout the process.After numerous hearings, mess arounds with the court system(no fault of Motoring Defence Solicitors) and a frankly shocking decision in magistrates, my conviction was quashed in the court of appeal, one year after being provided an unlawful conviction in the Magistrates.All correct avenues were justly provided and approached by Neil, Barristers J Dye & R Saynor(titans in this field), to successfully win my appeal and get my license back and allow me to get back to normal life when no wrongdoing was commited.Speak to MDS before giving up all hope, they provided me with more than glimmer of this when I genuinely felt there was none left.I can’t thank them enough and can honestly advise anyone facing a Motoring Law related offence to speak them first before considering alternate avenues.Thank you to everyone at MDS, for helping during a tough time and not giving up
12:11 14 Mar 23
I instructed Motoring Defence Solicitors to review my drink driving case in June. Today my case was acquitted as “no case to answer.”None of this would have been possible if it was for the fantastic work carried out by Gillian, Neil, Philip and the rest of the incredible team.I was terrified I would lose my license (and effectively my job), but Gillian put my mind to rest immediately; her manner was comforting and assured throughout the entire duration.In court, Philip’s understanding of the law was unbelievable. He left no stone unturned and was incredibly calm and collected throughout the process.If you find yourself in a position like mine, do not hesitate to contact this firm. – Their record and service are impeccable.
20:35 20 Oct 22
My experience was nothing short of brilliant as far as drug driving cases are considered. I came to Motor defence solicitors with a drug driving charge and I am so happy I did. My case was dismissed before trial after pleading not guilty at my hearing and I can only thank Neil for that. It is never an easy experience when you are looking at potentially losing your license and having a criminal record. The whole situation can really mess with your head. But Neil and the team are true heroes. I say this as someone who really experienced the whole roller coaster of dealing with this kind of situation. So supportive and always reassuring that your chances of winning this case are real. If you are reading this as someone who is in a similar situation (Drug driving offence) it is most certainly worth taking the chance. Of course everyones situations are different but I still encourage you to pick up the phone and see what they have to say. I also hope that if you are going through this situation, try and remain calm. Things will get better with time.
12:58 08 Oct 22
This is the second time I’ve used Neil Sargeant’s solicitors over the past few years and like the first time they got results for me, I managed to get the best result possible for my case and with their solicitor John Dye, they will be honest with you about your situation and not try and dress it up , would recommend to anyone.
10:31 15 Sep 22
Neil and his team of what I can only describe as God’s. As they can make a miracle happen.Can’t recommend them enough. And my sayner. What a legend of a barrister.If you are in need of help in keeping your licence this team are worth the time and every penny spent. Thanks Neil and all ya team. 1 million percent recommend 👌
18:24 30 Aug 22
Wow!!! What can I say apart from absolutely amazing!! Neil was amazing from the moment I contacted them. My case was very difficult and not straight forward one bit. Neil went above and beyond for my case and he was very informative. I was a nervous wreck and Neil Constantly kept me updated and reassured. John dye… Wow what a barrister!! Absolutely smashed it in court and won my case. This case was very difficult and had been going on for 7 months. John dye and Neil I can’t thank you enough. I got simple not guilty due to police not following procedure correctly. John was very professional and kind and absolutely smashed it every time he had his say. If you ever need help you need these people on board. Without you two I would have a 24 month ban plus community service. Instead I walked away free. You are just simply amazing.
18:12 08 Jul 22
Thank you Neil and Jonah Milner who represented me and I won the case! Would definitely recommend if you want to keep your license still in disbelief. Happy with every penny spent!
11:31 29 Mar 22
Great service from Neil and the team in winning my case. Would definitely recommend
15:38 17 Feb 22
The support and advice given to us throughout the whole process has been exceptional. Gillian has been incredibly helpful and reassuring and has kept us very well informed. To finally get a positive outcome has been amazing and a massive weight has lifted from us as a family. Thank you so much for all the work you have done and the continued support you have given us throughout this process. If you are considering other companies…don’t! Go with these guys.
17:37 25 Jan 22
Words can not express my gratitude to Neil and his team. I had an extremely difficult case to deal with which could have gone either way. Neil battled through many tricky situations that arose in this case and never gave up. He always took the time to talk through things with me keeping my anxiety levels as low as they could be. Eventually we got through and the case was dropped. I owe Neil and John Dye everything. Thank you 🙏
11:54 22 Nov 21
If you ever find yourself in a bad situation please don’t hesitate, give Neil a call. A true professional from start to finish, even through coved he made himself available and gave full support for all my worries and questions. An amazing result from an amazing team. Thank you Motor Defence for helping me keep my license. 10/10
15:51 30 Oct 21
Helped me on the phone very briefly !
13:00 22 Sep 21
This firm is the best you can get for you money in defence your self agains any charge. Neil Sargeant is a very professional lawyer that will explore all possibilities to give the best advice of how to build your defence when you been charge with any traffic convictions. Thank you Neil for your help. I would recommend to anyone who is in trouble to get their advice.
20:25 21 Aug 21
Magicians. These guys are by far the best in the business when it comes to defending your driving license. They are THE experts in this field. They gave me realistic advice and told me nothing is guaranteed. Don’t be fooled by pleading guilty, no matter what evidence is against you with these guys you have the best chance of a good result in keeping your driving licence. They have all the answers for all the questions. Very supportive helpful and Informative throughout this terrible experience.Left court with my license and reputation.
16:57 05 Aug 21
Neil Got my drug driving case dropped couldn’t of asked for any better result !! good communication with Neil got my case dropped the day before trial as well big weight off my shoulderWas skeptical at first as didn’t know how many different things they can look into after you’ve had a positive blood result back but he did it !After speaking to this firm on the phone for the first time I knew they was going to be the ones to win my caseHighly recommended for anyone in my position who can’t afford to loose driving license money was not a option. not cheap but money well spentBig thanks to Neil and the team.
16:29 02 Aug 21
Easily one of the most specialised solicitors when it comes to any case relating to motoring in the UK. I’ve not seen a firm better at handling motoring cases than this one. I spoke to Mr Jonathan B and during our consultation he immediately found a way to get all my charges dropped as I was falsely being charged. He even has a E-Scooter campaign for anyone that is interested and is facing a charge due to the newly developing e scooter usage. The laws around E-Scooters needs a refresh and he immediately understood my situation. They are professional, polite, organised and very responsive. I do not doubt Jonathan’s abilities and he is a very capable lawyer and highly experienced, will get you out of trouble for sure. I highly recommend this firm!
18:33 24 Jul 21
Had legal representation from Neil recently with a fantastic result! I was dubious and nervous at first but felt immediately at ease once I had spoken to Neil. He has given me great advice from beginning to end in what has been a stressful situation with regular updates. I would definitely recommend Neil and John with any motoring-related issues!
16:47 22 Jun 21
Genuine hero’s! They were amazing and got me out of a sticky situation. I went into it with doubts but Neil proved me wrong and got the case dropped. I really can not express my gratitude to them and I would highly recommend Neil and his team to anyone!
19:44 18 May 21
I could not be more pleased with the result! I was kept updated at all times and always received a call back soon, if I had any questions. I highly recommend them!
15:25 13 Apr 21
Best Solicitor in the game. Looked after us and the charge was thrown out in Trial. 100% recommended.
10:14 07 Apr 21
Very efficient and really make the process stress free…
00:50 11 Feb 21
If you are in need of the best legal representation, then look no further.
06:39 12 Dec 20
Beautiful place
14:21 06 Dec 20
Neil’s advice, passion and knowledge is second to none, top of his game, was recommended to me by a friend who also had a positive outcome from Neil’s services, also if you have legal cover on your car insurance there is a chance it will cover you for the fees as it did with me which saved me thousands of pounds which I would have still paid even if I wasn’t covered, any motoring offense no matter how big or small Neil is the go to guy!
16:49 23 Nov 20
Recently called Neil for advice I must say he is very good and interpreting your circumstances and applying the law. He never came across as one of those money grabber lawyers, Would definitely recommend his services!
09:31 09 Nov 20
I am very happy with the services I received frommotoring defence solicitors . Very professional and diligent thereby leading to a very successful case .I will highly recommend motoring defence solicitors.
07:17 13 Oct 20
Neil gave me some great advice, very helpful and genuine. Would definitely recommend, Thank you so much.
18:00 16 Sep 20
I would highly recommend Motor Defence solicitors for anyone who needs straight talking solid advice. From the first call to Neil until the final outcome of my case everything was handled in a very professional manner. The fee’s are reasonable and in my opinion it was money well spent using MDS
14:47 07 Aug 20
Amazing result today. Case was thrown out!Can’t thank Neil enough. Very professional and knowledgeable. Every message replied to in an hour or less. At such short notice what a gem find! It feels so good to have this massive weight off my shoulders. I dont want to put any other firms down however previously before finding Neil, other solicitors didnt seem to interested or didnt have high hopes for the case and wasn’t very reassuring. Neil was just ‘different’ in his approach and attitude to the case listened to the problems it would cause me and he advised me on what to do next. What a result! If I’d gone somewhere else I genuinely believe I would have been found guily and charged.Thank you again you’ve really helped me out x
16:39 20 Mar 20
I couldn’t be happier with the service and result. Neil was very professional and helpful. Thank you very much!
10:24 10 Jan 20
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Neil for his expertise, for all his hard work, time and advice he gave me through my case. My appeal at the crown was won and life is now normal again. I would highly recommend this company.
12:13 07 Jan 20
I can’t recommend Neil enough because he has now won two cases for two of my friends.A friend of mine was charged with drug driving because the police officer could smell cannabis on her and she gave a positive reading at the roadside. She instructed Neil and was successful at the Magistrates Court.Another friend of mine called me up after instructing another solicitor and being found guilty of drink driving at the Magistrates Court. I immediately put them in contact with Neil who then successfully appealed their conviction at Crown Court.Both friends have confirmed that Neil is meticulous in his work, has a wealth of driving legislation knowledge, is honest about costs from the offset, and offers great client care at a difficult time.
09:30 30 Sep 19
My experience with motoring defence has been incredible, Neil Sargeant is one of the best motoring advisers I’ve ever known, Neil’s approach with the case is incredibly professional and supporting, I have had to deal with lawyers before but motoring defence solicitors are the best out there,They are 100% worth the money.
17:45 05 Sep 19
I have spoken to a number of solicitors and have made appointments to have been let down and given rubbish advice having paid substantial money.I called Neil who gave me AMAZING advice over the phone for free could not have been more helpful and putting my mind at ease also followed this up with an email so i did not forget anything.Just amazing service, I would recommend him 100% to anyone that needed a solicitor.Thanks again Neil.
09:38 19 Aug 19
I cannot reiterate how great Neil was as a legal advisor, his professionalism, passion and empathy is unmatchable. I spoke to a number of solicitors prior to nominating Neil, he was by far the most approachable and has an amazing track record, he provided a great deal of clarity towards my case and the processes. I would most certainly recommend Neil to anyone who needs advice regarding motoring cases. I have learned a great deal from this whole experience and not only was this a great service but I obtained the best result possible. Neil was able to provide advice the whole step of the way. Thank you Neil and co. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND, you wouldn’t regret it if you value your licence and record!
18:38 10 Jul 19
What can I say? In life we have many processes to go through and some can be daunting and it never feels like a good time. I anxiously spoke to a few solicitors at the start and then called Motoring Defence Solicitors and Neil answered the phone… From that moment I became at ease and that’s not just because of Neil’s calming voice, he provided reassurance and demonstrated his knowledge and applied integrity from the start, I was in no doubt about instructing Neil and his team. I gained a huge amount of clarity through Neil about the processes and detailing from evidence to insurance and when I attended court on two occasions again I felt reassurance by the services of my appointed barrister Kwaku Awuku-Asabre. I would definitely recommend Neil to anyone who needs advice and the best motoring defence solicitor. Thank you so much Neil, you’re a great hard working expert man, I have huge respect! I’ve gained so much from this experience, not just a successful result from a great service.
10:10 14 Jun 19
A friend recommended Neil to me as I had no idea what to do. His track record and his approachable manner throughout my case has helped me deal with the stress of the mess I found myself in. Regular updates along the way, in plain English, was a pleasant and welcome surprise. Neil, true to his word, has orchestrated my case to a successful conclusion for me.I would recommend highly if a driving licence is at stake!
14:33 29 May 19
I would just like to say a massive thankyou to Neil and his team for being acquitted at my recent court hearing. I was very apprehensive in the beginning but Neil explained in great detail the fors and against’s of defending my case. He filled me with great confidence and strength during this anxious time. I would gladly recommend them to anybody in a similiar situation. Great Job guys.
11:18 10 May 19
Honestly hands down , best service received by Neil an co. When i first had my court hearing and being placed in this situation first time in my life, i was nervous and anxious of everything, i didn’t want to lose my licence or be convicted with a DR10. Neil always reassured me and gave me advice. His knowledge and skills was very professional and I didn’t doubt him. On the day when my trial was being held, despite lack of evidence and due to the unfair trial the prosecution decided to drop the case. Even though it cost me alot of money, I am happy i made this decision on having Neil and co as my defence, I would highly recommend for people who are in same situation as i was, you wouldn’t regret it. Thanks again Neil ✌R Miah
21:03 09 May 19
Top service from Niel. And his firm. They certainly no their stuff. Regarding the law in motoring .id never been able to sort my cast like they did for me .never new half the things the police can actually get wrong . And niel and his team can over turn and make them no that the police certainly don’t no the law regarding certain motor offences. .well my case got thrown out of court. Even though I was over drink drive limit. . Well not much more to say except. Thank you niel and co. . HIGHLY rECOMMENDED.
07:29 01 May 19
A 5 star firm totally A class service from start to finish. Highly recommend using Neil and his firm. All the way thorough the 9month case Neil’s support has been fantastic. My barrister and medical expert were totally on par. We got the result we wanted thanks to all the hard work. Thank you neil you change lifes .
10:43 15 Apr 19
I would unequivocally recommend using Motoring Defence Solicitors. I used MDS to defend my daughter for a case where the authorities had made a number of substantial mistakes in their prosecution. MDS also assisted me in speaking with insurers to approve the costs of defence and I cannot pass enough praise to Neil Sargeant and his team. The barristers were understanding and professional the whole time and I have no doubt that without their expert service this could have ended up very damaging.
11:21 04 Mar 19
I can’t speak highly enough of Neil and his colleagues. The advice and professionalism he demonstrated made me feel at ease from the first day I spoke to him. He explained how he could help my case and the process from start to conclusion his in depth knowledge of the law is incredible. On the day of the trial I meet with Phillip and Dr Mundy the expert witness for my case. We discussed the case in detail before entering the court room. I can honestly say I felt totally at ease even while the CPS went through case against me. Phillip delivered a master class of a defence and case was dropped and I was acquitted. I would recommend Neil 100% for anyone who feels they need advice for any motoring conviction. Thank you again Neil for your hard work in my cases.
12:26 27 Jan 19
Case Dropped! I couldn’t be any more happy with the result Neil and his team achieved for me, having spoken to many Soliciors who gave me no confidence – Neil went out of his way and left no stones unturned, Neil’s knowledge of the motoring law is unbelievable – he left the the prosecution no option but to drop the case, if anyone finds themselves in any alcohol related driving offence or allegation, I recommend Neil Sargeant 100%Thanks again for all your hard work.
12:45 07 Dec 18
Great results-really helpful and knowledgeable.Helped secure and acquittal for a family member. Neil was informative throughout the whole process and of course had experienced representatives in court – Couldn’t recommend them more.
11:28 07 Nov 18
I couldn’t speak any higher of Neil and his team. After feeling very sceptical of this service i was over the moon when the result when my way. Neil remained personable and positive throughout the time i instructed him.Neil used a top Barrister who put me at ease within a minute of talking to him.I would highly recommend this firm and is good value for money.
21:19 04 Nov 18
Neil helped me recently with a case and I couldn’t have been happier with the service and result.
15:25 19 Jul 18
This Law firm is excellent at defending its client for road traffic incidents. Neil Sargeant is an outstanding legal adviser and he is the best that i have ever come across.
09:10 19 Jul 18

Why we offer initial free advice?

Motoring Defence Solicitors has been defending motorists since 2008 and has accrued an outstanding success rate with clients being found not guilty.  Many firms that “specialise” in road traffic law only represent motorists in pleading guilty to minimise the penalty and are not aware of defences that may be available. We have a proven track-record of winning cases and offer free initial advice.

Instructing representation is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. You need to ensure that the representative you are paying to represent you is able to do so effectively. You must also be able to trust your representative and have confidence that they are acting in your best interests. We offer initial free advice so you can:

  1. Get a sense of who we are and who will be preparing your case;
  2. Find out about the options available to you; and
  3. Begin to build a rapport with your lawyer.

We want to ensure you are comfortable and fully informed before you make any commitment about your case.   

Defending road traffic allegations is often mistakenly viewed as being only available to the wealthy with high-profile cases being reported on each year in the news.  We offer expert and specialist representation without a celebrity price tag as we understand that most motorists who are dependent upon their licence do not benefit from unlimited funds and justice should be accessible to all.

Drink Driving: Whiskey and car keys
Drink Driving

If you face an allegation it is important you seek advice from specialist drug & drink driving solicitors.   We urge you to contact us as soon as possible to discuss all of your options.

Drug Driving

100% of our clients charged with drug driving have been found not guilty. Seeking advice early can significantly impact upon your chances of success at trial if you decide to defend the matter. 

Blood and Urine samples being tested
Blood & Urine Samples

​100% of our clients have been found not guilty at trial when a sample of blood was taken regardless of the charge. If you have donated a sample (blood/urine) contact us as soon as possible 

Hospital Procedures, inside a ward
Hospital Procedure

Donating a sample whilst in hospital has a significant impact on your case and the advice we will give you. If you were a patient during the police officer’s procedure, contact us today!

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